Keep playing the piano in a busy everyday life

Expert guidance and community support for young adult classical piano learners at all levels

Do you miss playing the piano too?

⌛️ Too little time to practise
💸 Private lessons out of budget
🤷 No one to motivate you

As adult life hits, many 18–30-year-olds give up playing and never start again. We don’t want that for you. Keep Playing has already helped students, young professionals and musicians rediscover their passion for the piano. We can help you too.

🤝 Stay Committed

Build a consistent practice routine that you can maintain when life gets busy.

🌱 Keep growing

Develop your skills, expand your repertoire and deepen your love for the piano and its music.

💜 Feel inspired

Experience that magically joyful feeling of having piano playing in your daily life.

"Keep Playing has transformed my piano playing experience. I struggled with motivation before, but now I have fellow pianists to connect with, weekly meetings to look forward to, and a sense of belonging. Without this community I would definitely play less."

—Nastassja. Edinburgh, UK

"Being an active member of Keep Playing has immensely facilitated my growth as a piano enthusiast. The weekly playlists, practice goals and teaching studio provide valuable resources that enhance my musical journey significantly."

—Louise. Copenhagen, Denmark

Life is hectic, we know. But with our help you’ll make the most of your spare moments and get your practice back on track.

Dr Balder Neergaard

Pianist, musicologist and educator. President of European Piano Teachers Association Denmark. Founder of Keep Playing.

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Keep playing for life

What happens to your piano playing when you’re feeling busy and the budget is tight?

At Keep Playing, we understand how much you miss playing the piano. You feel too busy to practice, private lessons are too expensive and you lack the motivation to continue on your own. We firmly believe that playing the piano should be accessible to all, and no one should ever feel alone on the journey. That's why we've created an exclusive online community learning experience that helps you stay committed, keep growing and feel inspired, so that you can continue playing for a lifetime.

Here’s how we do it: 1) Request to join to sign up, 2) log in and follow the Welcome Checklist, and 3) rediscover your love for the piano. So, join today, so that you can prevent your playing skills from fading and be a pianist for life.

If you’re tired of dull online lessons, impersonal video tutorials and bland internet forums, we have great news for you. Keep Playing is an intimate yet inclusive community of young people who share the same passion as you, coupled with instruction and guidance from leading professionals. And you can be part, even if your life is busy. We can help you grow your skills with as little as 10 minutes of daily practice.

Keep Playing is your music companion that’s always with you. Available for iPhone, iPad, Android and web.

⚠️ Keep Playing is currently under development. If you want to test the service and provide feedback while we build the community and develop our programmes, please Request to Join and fill in the screening questions. See you in there 🚀